Expressive Explosions
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It’s totally a Greg Holden, Ray LaMontagne, James Morrison kind of night. 

united we fail: Responsibility ↘


This is certainly what it should be about, and it’s what im about regarding the Madonna issue.

Whether i like it or not, and like every other walk of life, whether you’re becoming an adult, or climbing up the corporate ladder, or blazing a path in your chosen profession, im in a position now…


No participation in anything that we believe to be evil.

1991ad asked: Hey! So May 10 is the last day of finals for me. Also It's my 21st Birthday! But at Port City that night Beats Antique is playing! I really want to see them! I'm trying to get smashly to come as well! do you think you'd be down?

Already had intentions of going so that sounds perfect to me! 

Last one. Goddamn.